Find Us!

Old Germantown is located at W148N12696 Pleasant View Drive, Germantown, Wisconsin


We are 120-acre farm and our café is 1,000 feet from the road. You won’t see the building at all when you are coming from the south.


If you know where Freistadt Road is you will easily find us.


Take Freistadt Road to Pleasant View Dr. (refer to the coordinate W148). Pleasant View Drive is the first road east of Pilgrim Road.


We are almost 1 mile north of Freistadt Rd. on the east side of the road (refer to coordinate N12696)


You can also find Pleasant View Drive by using Rockfield Road. Drive east on Rockfield Rd. until it dead ends on Pleasant View Drive. Turn right and head south.


You can also find Pleasant View Drive if you coming from the north on Country Aire Drive. Follow Country Aire until it turns north into Bonniwell Rd. You will soon find Pleasant View Drive and must turn to drive south.


Our driveway is gravel, surrounded by cropland. The driveway is wider than most, about three football fields long, and leads straight to the barn.

Follow the gravel driveway in front of the barn that leads you to our parking lot.